Reconciliation (Charity Colour, June 2021) - Smooth Sock

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Charity colours are dyed-to-order, limited time offers. The listing will be taken down on June 15 and skeins of Reconciliation will be shipping by July 1, 2021.

Smooth Sock

75% Superwash Merino wool
25% Nylon
463 yards/100g per skein (425m/3.5oz)


This past month, a mass grave containing the remains of 215 Indigenous children was uncovered on the grounds of a residential school in British Columbia. Though two hundred families will now get some small sense of closure, the long-standing trauma stirred up by the grim discovery in the many survivors of residential schools and their families and communities is undeniable. The legacy of the residential school system is one of genocide, violence, and white supremacy, and it is a legacy still being carried by Indigenous communities today. We white descendants of settlers must witness these uncovered realities not with shock and disbelief, but with acknowledgement that we too must carry this shameful legacy: with a will to understand how it was allowed to happen, how the perpetuation of harm against our Indigenous populations continues to happen, and how we can move forward so that it doesn't continue to happen. The last residential school only closed in 1996, and it doesn't take much effort to see the (quieter, more insidious) continuation of white supremacy and racism in every corner of our country. Our thoughts and prayers are not enough. We will be donating all proceeds from every skein of Reconciliation sold to the Legacy of Hope Foundation, which works with survivors and their families to develop educational programs about the history and intergenerational effects of residential schools, so that reconciliation and healing can occur.

Note: this listing is priced per 1 skein. I developed this colourway last year, before I made large changes to my dyeing technique. As such, there are 4 skeins of this colourway that are lighter and less vibrant (examples: two rightmost skeins in the photo) than the rest (examples: leftmost skein and unraveled skein). I've given the option to purchase from either the lighter or the more vibrant stock.