our yarn bases

All of our yarn bases are sourced from farms that are cruelty- and mulesing-free. After dyeing, yarn is rinsed in an unscented, pH-neutral soap and rinsed once more in clean water. We do not list gauges with our yarns because your gauge will vary considerably depending on your unique tension, the needles you are using, and the thickness of the fabric you are seeking to create.

For all our yarns, we recommend washing in cool water with wool wash and laying flat to dry. Yarns labeled "Superwash" are considered safe for machine washing in cool water on a gentle cycle, but this is not our recommended method of care. Note that using warm or hot water on acid dyes may provoke bleeding, and bleach may destroy the integrity of the fibres.
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Smooth sock

$32 CAD

75% Superwash Merino wool
25% Nylon
463 yards/100g per skein (425m/3.5oz)

A very soft and sturdy 4-ply light fingering weight. Ideal for socks, light garments, and accessories.

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Suri Silk

$34 CAD

74% Baby Suri alpaca
26% Muberry silk
328 yards/50g per skein (300m/1.75oz)

A laceweight yarn that is soft like a cloud! Hold it together with another yarn to add a fluffy halo to any knit, or knit it solo for an airy and lightweight garment or accessory (non-superwash).

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Twist DK

$32 CAD

75% Superwash Merino wool
25% Nylon
246 yards/100g per skein (225m/ 3.5oz)

A soft but sturdy 4-ply DK weight with nice twist. Ideal for garments, thick socks, and accessories.

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Tweed DK

$32 CAD

85% Superwash Merino wool
15% Donegal wool neps
246 yards/100g per skein (225m/3.5oz)

A soft and fluffy 4-ply DK weight with white, brown, and black neps. Tweed gives excellent grip for stranded colourwork and adds extra texture and depth to hats, transitional garments, and heavier shawls.

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$30 CAD

100% Superwash Merino wool
210 yards/115g per skein (192m/ 4oz)

A sturdy 4-ply worsted weight with nice twist. Ideal for heavier garments, blankets, or cold-weather accessories.

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