Icebound (Charity Colour, March 2021) - Smooth Sock

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Charity colours are dyed-to-order, limited time offers. The listing will be taken down on March 15 and skeins of Basin will be shipping before April 1.

Smooth Sock

75% Superwash Merino wool
25% Nylon
463 yards/100g per skein (425m/3.5oz)


As the impacts of climate change grow and unfold, the Arctic is facing unprecedented and likely irreversible changes: Arctic sea ice is thinning, freezing over less area, and melting earlier, due to historically high temperatures both within the Arctic and around the globe. Though most of the world has yet to feel the downstream effects of these changes (and they will be many), indigenous communities that rely on sea ice are already having to face them head-on. March's charity colour was developed in support of Oceans North, a charity that works directly with Indigenous groups in the Canadian Arctic to preserve sustainable livelihoods, establish marine conservation efforts that are in line with traditional knowledge, and advocate for climate change action. $16 CAD from every skein sold will be donated to support their efforts.

Note: this listing is priced per 1 skein.